Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As salaam al ekum!

As I'm sure you are aware of by now, I've created a travel blog! My parents insist that I won't call them enough, which is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and have suggested that I add them as Facebook friends. Obviously, if you have to ask to be my facebook friend, you'll never be my facebook friend. That said, if you are interested in topics ranging from the mundane to the eating of stale jumior mints, click here to see what Joe Gallagher really thinks about the latest internet conspiracy. So, as a healthy alternative, I've created this blog so instead of you spending time wondering what I'm doing in Cairo, now you can be reading about what I'm doing! Also, I remember almost nothing from my sophomore year trip to Germany (probably due to both those beers I drank while there), so I figure this will serve as a good journal of sorts. And maybe pictures? Should technology allow!
The name of the blog is the Prince of Egypt, after one of my favorite DreamWorks characters of all time, Moses. While I hope to make better time than Moses did in traveling to places like Israel, you have to admire the man's desire to see new places (although his nearly pathologic desire to get out of Egypt is a bit worrisome). This title narrowly beat out "Ryan Cassidy and the Sun Fish Kid", after my roommates, but I couldn't confirm Richie has shown his tattoos to everyone at American, although I suspect he has. So yeah, check back when I've actually been to Egypt and hopefully I'll have something to say.

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